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3D stadium problem Empty 3D stadium problem

Post by lovacmaki on Fri Jun 05, 2009 6:45 pm

hy,i have a problem with imported 3D stadiums..when i play 3d game there is no people in the stadium,to be more accurate there is some green texture instead od people?? stadiums look normal and the sky is ok. only there is no people? Shocked pale ,the stadiums are in C:\Users\Marco\Documents\FIFA Manager 09\stadium\3d_stadium and there are these files of stadiums in their folder (eg.foder C:\Users\Marco\Documents\FIFA Manager 09\stadium\3d_stadium\0028003E)sky_1.o;sky_3.o;stadium_1.o;stadium_3.o;texture_1.fsh;texture_3.fsh. And i have tried all options on and off in 3d settings in the game like 32 bit and everything else. Pls help Very Happy

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