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Post by Admin on Mon Jun 01, 2009 11:20 pm

As you may well have noticed I have added some new features to the board, it's still along way from being complete, slowly maybe but surely its beginning to come together.

I have added a portal page and new categories in the downloads section, this is for some material that is expected sometime soon. The downloads sections are also open to public use so feel free to add any content you have created!

Next i will revamp the graphics and background of the board and add some new sections. There is alot of content planned for very near future but i work on many things currently so is a struggle to complete many things...

Also i welcome, Enzoli to team and look forward to seeing his releases and contributions very much!

For sure the next big release planned is Serie A, Stadiums pack... possibly by tomorrow to accompany the Fan chants released Recently!


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