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Welcome to the brandnew Realism forum - home of the beautiful game Empty Welcome to the brandnew Realism forum - home of the beautiful game

Post by Admin on Fri May 22, 2009 7:55 pm

Forum currently under construction! This is the basc template i will add content very soon along with new sub forums in the already existing ones. Why did i decide to open such a forum and what does "realism" hope to achieve and mean? If you have been following the EPL Patches progress via the official FIFA Manger forums you would know that the patch started as a simple database update... I have been playing FIFA Manager for some years but became bored and basically annoyed at the lack of modifications to the game! I then decided to pull the engine apart bit by bit until i found a way to unlock the zdata files so that it could be modified in a way simular to FIFA09, This was achieved after an amount of weeks not bad considering i never edited the game before! Although i didn't do it alone VollachR taught me the basics of importing and contributed with alot of the testing and ideas and is the brains behind all the scripting Smile.

So still the question why have i moved the project to a new home? Well it started out as just find what was possible for this we needed the use of FIFA 09 patches as there was nothing made for FIFA Manager probably in its entire history... As we found out more and more and made real breakthroughs for me it bacame more and more about finding the games and my limits! The problem is this needed more and more FIFA Patches! and as thing stand right now the first release uses as much as i could find! It has never been about kudos or stealing i just wanted to make something playable from an engine that has so much potential but never delivers year after frustrating year! So what now for realism? Well i will continue to make patches with FIFA edited material until i both find the limits of the game or material starts to be made for FM09 due to seeing from this set of patches what can be acheived Hopefully the patches here will inspire the community to make their own content!

If i had any other options available to me id use them and i did try to seek permission for many of the files.. but even though the coversions i make could never conflict with the FIFA 09 patches as its totally different game some creators wernt even interested in listening. Others were more friendly and i respect these people alot more than i do others! After all their work is getting an even bigger audience why is that such an issue! So to end with here i will make conversions from FIFA 09 files and try to inspire this community to make better effort to improve their game! I will never take credit for the work only the new methods found and finding the ways to use files! I dont feel this project is right for an official board so now this is its home.

I know some of you very much agree with what i have been doing and some of you wont but i feel right now to do these things is only way to move forward a game i very much love and i feel somebody has to do it! Each file i use in my tests and projects will be credited to the creator if creators would like to release their own work on their own site i would convert for them or help willingly please just contact me! but now this site means you can no longer ignore the fact that theres a whole other community that can also appreciate your amazing works.

This site will also teach everyone who is interested how to convert and use files for thier own use and more importantly to allow your creations to enter both FIFA and FIFA Manager. With help and support.


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